Lady of Field, Orchard and Farmfolk
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Not to forget the Lady, now, afore we build up the orchard walls this day. Commonfolk we may be, but work enough and you and yours will be a Power of Creation, and there's a truth. You start with the tumble from where the tree fell in midwinter, and I'll take to finding hold-stones - and none of your idling, mark me!

Happened and truth that the Lady tended field, orchard and goat-pen under the Ammand moon - and the best of all farmfolk she came to be, for all her noble blood. No farm the like it in all Creation, I say! She passed the end of her Road, as for all folk, passed from the Ammand, but her ways were told - and farmfolk listened. So it is, well and well, the mark of Lady Moonlit upon the last rock we set here.

Tis good work, but mark me, work can always be better! Remember that when next casting an eye to the Lady.

[ Posted by Reason on January 26, 2006 ]