Spears Against Guildfolk
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By the King's Spear! You'll not be walking Port streets this summer or next, not while coin and pretty farmfolk girls are to be found a strong arm's cast from this very doorway. You Coast Road folk, the salt sits in your hearts - but you still came for coin dug from village councillors by Elas of the Company. Blood! Just as I or Merrine, and there's the truth, long and sharp as this spear.

Coin for thieves? Hah! May as well be coin thrown into the Lothar and washed to sea - the only thief worth the name in Two Springs is the one to have taken Merrine's heart, and him moonfaced after her this past season. A real thief from the City Without to knock spear to head good and hard, now that I'd give coin for.

No, a purse to catch a thief, naught but pretty words to keep spears Elas brought from Guard and militia from their ale - and the more for him thereby, blood! We'll earn our coin when greed for a full coinbox and cries of merchant folk bring the Trade Guild from warm beds and salt air - bring spears from Port alongside, mark me.

Two seasons more, I say, but the King's Way will be calling me after first snow - cold and Neth, mayhaps, but there'll be honest coin for it and honest spearpriests to lead past the River Road.

[ Posted by Reason on January 21, 2006 ]