Spears Against Whispers
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Blood! This is good ale! I won't be asking whence it came, mark me, but coin will be found, come spears or blades, afore the next cask rolls to my feet.

Coin the Council has aplenty, and coin beyond that, I say. Watching young Rannal count gold on gold for the spears I've called, now there's a call for ale! Tax the merchants for the Stone Road and give coin to the spears say the Council, and trader purses grow fatter than the coffers of the spearpriests under the summer sun, that I know. Let the Trade Guild wail and shed tears - a fine vengeance for every coin charmed from honest folk by thieves dressed in merchant finery, and there's the truth of it!

By the Emerald, were there ever a finer purse to be taking than that of Two Springs! Tallun, now, he has it in his fattened heart that the Whisperwood will up and walk on roots to claim the old beams and posts of manse and hall. Blood! It's a dire place, and there's that and true, but not one tree of it can be seen least you climb the hills - and then good and far. Fear in fine clothes means a loose purse, and spears well kept, mark my words. You'll not see a spear's courage given to where it has no place, no, for coin is coin.

[ Posted by Reason on January 19, 2006 ]