Spring Water and the Strangers' Pool
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Well and well, you'll not be the first spear to ask, not since you and yours chased the young folk from their bathing where the spring streams meet, with your leers after daughters and rough ways. A man is a man, spear or not, but there's ways and ways about - best to learn those to win you friends amongst folk, I say. Elas and our Council may speak fine and well, but there'll be fewer spears come next summer lest broken ways are mended.

Strangers' Pool it is, for a generation now, since young folk came running and screaming from Trespassers. The Pool is far enough from orchard and cottage that we found nothing but the smell of them and a strangeness to the water, but linger it did, in the waters and in the heart. Young folk now forget these tales, or don't believe the telling of them - but they're the only folk in Two Springs who'll brave the Pool.

All young folk look to the moon a little - and who's to say there is wrong in that? Mayhaps spears have naught to fear from strangers come from far, mayhaps not. My hair is whitened, but I am no sage to know such; mark me, mind, I'd not be one to use water where the spring streams meet.

[ Posted by Reason on January 22, 2006 ]