The Halved Barn
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Few enough of villagefolk in the Lazing Mule ... beyond the kitchen and ale-cellar, leastways. Jalla keeps an inn for merchant folk, aye, and Two Springs spears paid with taxed merchant coin these past seasons.

No, farmfolk take their ale in the Halved Barn, stone and thatch away from the Stone Road and near the orchards. Like fishers and thieves on the dockside, they'll keep to their own casks, and slow to warm to traveling folk come to the door. The innkeep is friendly enough for Port folk as ourselves, aye, even seafarers come along the Road to Three Stones, but trade and sailing on it is. If I'm to be drinking, it's to be with song, a good crew and a warm fire, mark me, not ill stares and whispers.

Aye, afore the fair at One Stone, even Two Springs is bursting with folk. Players prancing on the grass, young folk showing off a winter of cloth and needlework, summer traders chasing fair coin and mules to overflow the stables yonder. Come from the Stone Road too late in the day and the boards of the Halved Barn might be all there is for sleep, aye, and that for too much coin!

But enough! Tis late and late for tale and song; early we'll be rising, the better to rest at One Stone and far from the Whisperwood when night next falls.

[ Posted by Reason on January 31, 2006 ]