The Lazing Mule
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Aye, and there's the Lazing Mule, and none too soon with the sun low and feet worn from the Stone Road. Lanterns lit and hung already, mark me, and that would be right and proper were she a vessel afloat.

Tis easy enough to see the name, I say, but a sight harder to say whether a mule means four legs and hide or two legs and a coin pouch. Plenty enough of the latter you'll be seeing inside, aye. Certain merchant folk take to arriving twixt the hills all too early in the day, the better to drink themselves to a sodden head by the next morning. You and I - and these two spears, by Salin's long left hand! - will be the better for a night of rest such as honest folk take.

Aye, and there's that. More coin than I'd like goes to Two Springs for the passage, for what little is given in return. Roofing the Council manse in chains, we trader folk may as well be. Craw and spine! But coin not poured away to ale is coin for toll and tax at Three Stones, mark me, and there will be need for both - honest rest it is!

Remember, lad, nothing of trade and coin inside the Lazing Mule; Jalla can't abide the talk of merchant folk, for all she was striding the Stone Road just as we are for ten summers, and ten winters likewise. Aye, and she and her folk are big and broad, just like her inn. Find yourself out and upside-down, you will, and a plate broken on your head for measure - aye, and there'll be no shortage of laughing and pointing for more seasons than you'd like, I'll wager.

It's not all spears and blades; the spined eel is stuffed, spiced and still good this far from honest salt and the Unending Sea - and Salin's crew wouldn't run from the ale casks. Aye, none of the commonfolk fare from land, tree and field as we'll be suffering in Three Stones, and there's a thing worth the coin.

[ Posted by Reason on January 17, 2006 ]