Two Brothers Meet After First Snow
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By the saltblocks! A fine day it is for seafarer and spear to be meeting with ale on the hilltop. Warm and bright, and so soon after first snow! I was afeared we see no better than two summers hence, rain and rain fit for a new sea, and us wet over poor ale and mud in the Lazing Mule. Wet I know, and wet should be with salt and song, not doused as merchants under wood and thatch.

You have the longer road to Two Springs, aye, hence it's my coin buys the ale - and you the eel to carry the cask. You'll raise your claws just the same with each new summer, and we'll do just the same ... leastways til you return to Port, or I lose my senses and leave the dockside for Three Stones. There would be a fine song to be sung!

Aye, mud there is aplenty, but mud there always will be. Look down and yonder, spears treading up the Stone Road to Port - all the more to stand about the Guild Bridge for thieves' coin, making trouble for honest folk this summer, mark me. Better for we eels to be on the other slope, rocks and thorns aside - I'd give more coin for a view of fields and the far Whisperwood this day.

Craws and spines! Same eyes as I you have, for all you put them to no use, carrying a spear in your City Within. Out and far, see the ruins there, a half-cast to the wood and beyond the farmfolk. Like as the fishers say stands in the Low Marsh where no folk hunt, or cursed Lorn - naught so sorry as a home without folk, aye.

[ Posted by Reason on January 27, 2006 ]