Visitor's Cottage, Stranger's Field
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Lell, now, she has a heart to her, cried fit to die twixt midwinter and last snow - when the Lost half-folk came from the Farthest Fields two summers past and died of I know not what. Since and now she's kept the Visitor's cottage cleaned, cut the vines from the Beautiful Stranger in white stone, chased out the grime. More's the pity, I say, than when she gave eyes to us and ours. Harard's grandfather knows the old folks' song of a time the statue was brought from Port and the cottage given to red-eyed, strange-tongued folk, folk who lived here as we do afore the Traveler called them elsewhere in Creation. Ah, but who is to say?

I know this, and mark me, tis a stranger's cast-off green that grows in the field by the Visitor's cottage. Given over it is, like the Farthest come to the Enclave, and neither goat nor bird will take to it. Still and well - with Davet's brother Lost in the fields these seasons since the stranger's storm, best to speak of Lell and tell of a likewise cottage under the eye of the Beautiful Stranger, tell of a Farthest Village of kindly, honest folk.

[ Posted by Reason on January 23, 2006 ]