Ammand Spears
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Spears of the old Ammand, crafted of Ammand iron from mountains once home to cursed moon-worshippers and heartwood from the great forests of the Ammane, can still be found here and there in Enclave lands. Their old design is distinctive, a match only for the red-veined spears forged by smiths of the Red Iron Guild - by those who are privy to the old secrets of the Guild, in any case.

Tarurn of Port is said to have carried an Ammand Spear against the Trespassers of Farthest Winter, and two more stand in the manse of Lord Verden in the City Within of Three Stones. The Ammanene carried spears away with them to the Watch of Trees, but others no doubt lie buried beside graves from the earliest seasons of the Enclave, or were Lost to the Farthest Wilderness with the first explorers.

For all their age, battered and worn, these Ammand Spears never succumbed to the passing of generations. Troubadors and seafarers tell tales of spears touched by the Shining Ammanene of ancient times, spears that will be carried by spearman after spearman for so long as the ageless Ammanene still live on in the Enclave.

[ Posted by Reason on February 2, 2006 ]