And Stars Came As Men Atop Beasts
The Place Where Stars Fell > Dead Hallas, Who Carries Upward

The Stars of the Mountain Tower know all, for how else but sorcery to see when the Winter Sickness took me from life? Three lesser Stars came from the forest to carry Emmen and I away, shining in the form of men atop great deer of the Deepened Places of my grandfather. All shed tears save for we, the Dead, for all such of blood and heart is for the living and the Land.

The bright Star of the Lower Mountain hangs yet above the Open Hall, bright as bright, far below now and cold upon the Dead from across the Land. The Star of the Lower Mountain chose me from the Open Hall and spoke my name to the shelved skulls of the Old Dead, who do naught but count and recall. We who could as well be Hungry Dead, driven out into the forests, are honored and fortunate. We could as well be deep and far in mines beneath the mountains, not to see the Land spread before and about beneath the clouds. Our flesh has not yet fallen from us, and we will carry diamonds for new wall-tops high as is high, to the Mountain Star who fell here and now shines bright from the Tower top.

The Mountain Star will tell what will become of us, how long it will be before the Dead are guided from life by Stars once more. This, I hold and know in all the time we have climbed and carried, and in all the time we will yet climb and carry.

[ Posted by Reason on February 25, 2006 ]