Beams From the Whisperwood
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Was a time when all hereabout was just two hills and two streams from two springs; afore Three Stones grew its walls, and when stonefolk brought ancient wizardry to Port in dry summer seasons. We have our orchards these past generations, and stranger's trees besides, standing about and around, Lost as those who planted their seeds. But then and then, not a tree stood by the Stone Road. Whisperwood was all there was for beams and carpentry, and so the first Ammand folk to settle athwart the Road took up ax, rope and many a marker to ward against the Farthest; foresters they were.

So and it was, a fine living they must have made. The forestfolk ruins far to Whisperwood are grander than the Council Manse - a sight to have seen, I say, foresters living as if noblefolk! Cut often and cut well they did, for all the oldest beams here and about came from their work. This table here, mark me, this very table is of Whisperwood - and more the same you'll see under Jalla's thatch.

Now ruins they are and ruins they have been, mind, for no folk brave Whisperwood now. Who is to say what came to those commonfolk? Tis a cursed place, just as Lorn, where the Farthest presses close and the Beautiful Stranger walks not. Best for folk as us to remember well, I say.

[ Posted by Reason on February 5, 2006 ]