First, Was the Deep
The Place Where Stars Fell > Old Man of the Third Hut

Give to the fire, young ones, Radiant children ... it will not warm you without gifts, for all that Deepness flows lightly here and about. Fire is not from Kindness, but from Ever Wanting - it will give you no heed in haste for what it wants. But here and about, the trees bend not to listen, craftings have no life to them, and you make children in the new ways, the Radiant ways.

Listen; I will tell what I was told, before Ill Will came to the highs and vales to drive the people from their Deepened Places, before Stars fell and the dead lost their way.

Before the Giants made the people, before the Deep eddied and turned the Giants into being, there was nothing but the Land. Deepness flowed beneath and through, as the waters, beside the waters, and far from the waters. It was the blood of the people without people, the heart of the people without people.

The Giant Kindness came from the deepest Deep flowing about the highest mountain, and so it was. Before the Giants made the people, Kindness brought forth all the others from Deepness, even Great Rage, even Ill Will, even Misery, for such is Kindness.

The Giants are of the Deep now and were of the Deep then; where they stood, the Deep flowed of them. It was of the people before the people, in vales where Deepness touched of Kindness mingled with Ill Will, Great Rage with Joy. All places are touched by the Giants, by Deepness that flows from them and with them - even places as this where Radiance changes the people.

You are far from where Kindness sits to cradle a place of the people, but Kindness and Ever Wanting touched this place before they Deepened people into the Land. This, I see in the fire, in the welcome given to the old.

[ Posted by Reason on February 24, 2006 ]