In the Shadow
The Place Where Stars Fell > Mas Lirren, Prime Hireling of the Enlightened Library

Step forward, step forward! No, leave that, whatever it may be; it seems entirely too ramshackle. The Library will receive you now - please press your right fingers to this, then this, and again, this. It is as the Library directs, and not ours to wonder why. Mas Rell, please take these finger-marks to whence it is that it should be taken this day.

Yes, yes, simply step into the Shadow of the Library, look up and speak clearly. Be mindful of loose rocks on the slope, now, and don't walk into a tree like the last one! No need to shout - the Library is wise and hears every word, for all it is amongst the clouds today.

No time, no time! This is not the Radiant Tree where wishes work as hard as people. We are not Stars to enlist sorcery and the Dead to do our work! Mas Rell? Mas Rell! Show this one the way, and then please examine this new folding cloth roof of yours - it is visibly sagging and rain already falls on the far side of the vale.

Where is the time counter - does she count correctly? I can barely see the far end of the queue, and the Shadow has already moved too far. I fully expect to take finger-marks for another ten before we must move tables and cabinets downslope again. More haste!

[ Posted by Reason on February 25, 2006 ]