The Voice of Radiance
The Place Where Stars Fell > Ennos, Touched by Radiance

It took a time, a time to find the right place. Yes, but such an idea I had for raising the roof and walls! That is how I knew it was right, the Radiance and the need in once and the same day, all so obvious, so obvious. Jel has the view above the trees and across the vale, and he is happy.

The tools from then, no, I do not know. I cannot recall the use of them even; on days the Radiance comes and is gone just as quickly. Some have ways of remembering, or recallers by their side - but often as not who can understand later what they understood when Radiance shines? This as close as I will be to the Radiant Places further upstream, and Jel will tell you of carrying me away from there in a fever in a past time. I hear Radiance all the time, even here, like distant whispers instead of warmth from a fire - warming the blood but not the skin.

Look at this now; so obvious! Not like the last, when I knew the purpose but fleetingly, as in dreams, or that before, when I could not even catch the crafting of it. Bring yourself here, see how you'd hold it and ... there, is that not splendid? It is just as it was whispered to me, and I have it still.

[ Posted by Reason on February 26, 2006 ]