Tradefolk and Visitors From the Farthest Roads
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Craws and spines! Look at this! You had the spears packing casks, aye, and packing them again you'll be, and under my eyes! We'll not be stopping on the Stone Road for an ill-laden mule, not this side of One Stone. Hurry now - the day is but started and already awasting.

Aye, and now villagefolk come to watch moonfaced traders who cannot seat a mule to work. Are you not done yet? There sits Telen and a seafarer's sash he's not earned his way to wear. Sets out chair and canopy each day, eel amongst crawcrabs, and fancies himself Lord of the Stone Road, aye. I could tell of the songs they sing of him on the dockside, mark me. Menas and his Isleblood kin pay coin for Telen's lazing, against those times strangers come from the Stone Road to trade.

Aye, to Port and Three Stones it may lead, but all Creation besides. Roads are as currents in the Unending Sea, I say. Strange beasts and folk with stranger faces come to Two Springs, and not all are Lost. Noble folk and sages chase such as Visitors have to trade; tis coin fished from the sea, thrown ashore by wave and spray for those with hands on the tiller of the Trade Guild.

[ Posted by Reason on February 4, 2006 ]