Fell From High, Fell to Fast Water
The Place Where Stars Fell > Lesser Star of the Owl's River

The first of all things I learned was the rushing of water, over and around, and so I was a stream within the river. For endless flickers, I lit the hasty waters, and all creation was a river.

Secondmost, I heard the cry of the great owl and learned that river flowed between rock and sky. I came from the fast waters and flickered for winter after winter as an owl to light the sparse river forest and mountain falls.

Third, I heard the blood of the people, hunters and cave painters, hut builders and Deepeners of children. I learned of Deep, of the voice of the blood, of the way of talking. I flickered as a child of the people for summer after summer, until the people hungered and left the Deepened Places.

Last of all, I heard the Radiance that once called me to fall, met the great stars who fell to Radiant Places and know all. I learned of my way as guide for the Dead - and so I came to flicker with light for the Tower of the Spider Tree Star, and so I greet you, who are now Dead and have found a secondmost learning of your own.

[ Posted by Reason on March 21, 2006 ]