Leli, the Fifteenth Note
Ten Thousand Gates > An Impromptu Picnic in a Starlit, Ancient Arena

I forget myself in your music, but thank you, thank you for the dance in your voices and this wine. Look at your faces! The notes spring from you when I speak - it is as if I sing with your voices. Oh! But how did I come here? I danced in the old city with Myrelin, hiding behind ivy pillars while the Song was verses without us, sad and low and swirling about. Like this, but so serious, the deep notes!

Oh, but no notes go down to the old city save for Myrelin, it is cracked and worn and so beautiful, full with echoes of notes above. She sang a disharmony and so did I, and we laughed and danced into the marble towers and came to the White Book. Oh, you are all so very fine, but how I wish I hadn't touched it, I wish I hadn't turned the pages! I should have heeded Myrelin and danced on with the notes - how will the Song be sung with even a single note missing?

What will become of the Song if I cannot hear even its faintest echo? I was taken and turned away from the city, into a place of a single thin note - the Book atop its stand in riverless dust and red sun. I turned pages, oh turned them and turned them, faster and faster, but I could not come back to the Song and our marble city.

Oh but I beseech you, with all your strange music, you must help me return! The Book wrote itself while I turned pages, wrote of the Song and my closest notes, then wrote of me and here I was in darkness, and there you were shedding notes uncaring of the Song. How, how will I return?

[ Posted by Reason on March 29, 2006 ]