Troublesome Arrivals
The Place Where Stars Fell > Mas Lirren, Prime Hireling of the Enlightened Library

Really, this is most vexing. To recapitulate, the Face of the Mountain revealed to you the location of this Enlightened Tome. You traveled to the Changing Gate that faces the vale of the Tree, and there become distracted and, well, whatever it is you are. Such is the fate of those who brave the most Radiant places; just as the Library is Enlightened, so may a man become more than a man. You are certain that you were once a man prior to your present assignation?

No, I must ask these questions - no impertinence is intended. All are welcome in the Shadow of the Library, but all must be done as it is set out before us. Haphazardness in the presence of Radiance is foolhardy. Foolhardy!

Ah, but the categories, the categories. I am commended to my post by the Library, you understand, and all is as the Library wills. These circumstances ... well, normally I would be quick to commend any who guide Enlightened Tomes to join with the Library. There are rewards, as you see, Mas Rell has them well filed and indexed. I cannot pretend to comprehend the value of most, but few leave unsatisfied.

As may be, but I cannot find a category under which to record you. None at all - look here, and there, not a match. You are dripping ink, and the Tome is clearly a portion of you, no more separate than my fingers. Quite aside from your frightening of the queue, the time counter and Mas Enneth, who seems to have fallen past the cabinets and into the marsh, this is all most vexing.

[ Posted by Reason on March 6, 2006 ]