Ways of Those Who Were the People
The Place Where Stars Fell > Felbled, Yeoman of Caravans

There is a place where those who were the people dig shining rock from a mountain and work long, lean and hard at the shaping of it. There is no Deepening in their huts and halls - and how could there be? This, the Radiance brought to them, carried from the Radiant Places by an Enlightened Tome, then flown on to the Library.

While great deer still dance in the forests there and around, those who were the people do naught but shape and shape. They give shining cubes to the people who do not forget the Deepening of bow and club, and cry out for the meat of the great deer in return. The people drop the shining cubes and we who follow Dimmos collect them when the snows fall.

It is Radiance brings such as I to the place of shining cubes in cold and frost, for Radiance spoke to Dimmos long ago. He carries back and forth across the Land, followed by a hundred casks of wonders, for such is the Radiant way of those who were the people. All must move, be carried and change - but I am but a yeoman and do not know why this must be.

[ Posted by Reason on March 10, 2006 ]