Master Rias, Vessel of Books Yet Unwritten
Ten Thousand Gates > An Impromptu Picnic in a Starlit, Ancient Arena

Creation is a marvel is it not? Leli, I must offer you a belated bow, for I should have mentioned how honored I am to meet with a character written by the Book of the Choir. Few indeed are those works eternally started, eternally unfinished - I am almost inclined to forgive the Book its terrible act of self-insertion, and under a thin white cover, mind.

Yes, I watch the passing of time most carefully, Bethen. Look here, the sands still run and we have two turns of the timer left. You see and shape the future as clearly as I recall it retold; you know what will come and what must come. But I do a poor job of playing my part, and the author certainly spices the tale in any case. Writers are such terrible creatures for the most part; they cannot leave well alone.

Creation has many Pillars, you must understand - all are impossible and none may fall. All reverberates from nothing by way of the Song, written by the Book that creates itself from its own tale. All is a lost depth within Amande's venom dream. All is a Demonland in the third crack of Maggat's ill-formed Ull rune. There are ten thousand others, and all are true and impossible. It is a majesty, I feel, to match other majesties that hold sway above the Pillars.

But time is upon us, and a dry wind rises. I am sorry to say that I have no way back for you from the Pillars, but I do have a way forward. Back for me, of course, forward for you. Ah, Leli, let me show you - it is easier. See now, the far side of an Undecided Gate, a folding and rather ramshackle affair as such go, but a most useful traveling companion.

Why, because it does not know where it wishes to lead, of course. There are many Gates in the City of Ten Thousand, and there will always be those that grow bored or shiftless. Hurry, hurry, through you go - folding up the Tailkeeper's Gate is good deal harder and more time-consuming than it looks, and I am not desirous of an audience with the Hunger for Knowledge. You'll have little need of ax and shield, Ulvath - take them as you will, but your nature is fierce enough for most in the Tailings.

My, this is an excitement, isn't it? Three Pillars all in one, and Creation's voice speaking through the tale that is to come. Now we must be gone, and naught but spite for the Hunger remains.

[ Posted by Reason on April 5, 2006 ]