Contagion in the Valley
Garden of the Prophet > Source of All Seeds

Brother, you have heard our long-cannon speak below! You have held your watch where a peasant soldier would run to battle, and that is well. But hark: Preacher Aren spoke with the Prophet's voice in sending us - Contagion, Contagion and heresy come here! The village below has served our Order for a century, and this is how our trust and guidance in the Faith are repaid.

Yes, Brother, it is true! Brother Mathe discovered two devices with the appearance of foul far-talkers or worse, rank with the signs of Contagion. We turned our long-cannon to the dwellings that harbored this heresy - smoking rubble stands there now! There were cries and wails, yes, and more when we piled stone atop the elders until they confessed to have dug this Contagion from the very fields. Lies! They have broken the Prophet's Law in soul for years, and now boldly build the tools of Contagion in the very shadow of our Cathedral. It is just as the Prophet warns, and these wretches will suffer the fate of all heretics, this I vow!

Brother, I will take this watch point. Turn your armor to the war-barque and bring this news to the Voidmaster: the Hateless Order has need of the Prophet's Fire. He will exhort his vessel to rise with strength redoubled, by the blessed Ordained, for there must be naught but char and glass in the valley on the morrow!

[ Posted by Reason on May 3, 2006 ]