Festival of the Tenth Day of Char
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On this tenth day of Char, the Festival of the Holy Crusade of the Erope Realm, thanks be to the Prophet for His guiding hand.

Upon the tenth day of Char, the Void-cathedral Yeuve and Brethren of the Hateless Order led the crusading war-processions of the youngest Lords of the Afrik realms. Prophet's Fire carried Yeuve and four dark-pennoned war-cogs far across the Void to the Lesser Suns and the Erope realm, for there a host of half-men rose from beneath great waters to mock and soil the Holies of the Faithful.

Into battle for long years went Lord, close-guard and Brother of the Faith. Voidmen exhorted the heart-vault of mighty Yeuve to give forth Prophet's Fire to boil the great waters to steam. With sword and cannon, with war-poisons of the Chapel Technis, the Faithful enacted Purgen upon the half-men and water-breathers who dared touch the great-shrines of the Erope realm.

Tithe to the Brethren of your Order this Festival day, that their duties become those of all the Faithful. Pray to the Prophet, that His hands will ever shield men from the Faithless.

[ Posted by Reason on May 25, 2006 ]