Garden-vault of the War-cog Reante
Garden of the Prophet > Litany of the Void

Heshrem, you board burnished Reante as one commended by Brother Paress for diligence upon the garden-decks below the Chapel Technis. Do not disappoint his trust, nor mine, for Brother Paress will take it upon his soul should I thrust you through seal-gate and into the Void. This I will do if you fail in your duties, for they are of as great import as the treasured litanies of the Oculists.

We Voidmen honor the Prophet as one; not one of us may fail, not in prayer, faith, nor duty, lest the beating heart of Reante turn upon us with rightful Prophet's Fire - or we are carried far from the faithful to die as nothing in the darkest Void. As Voidmaster, it is my duty to cut my own right hand from my arm should it fail in service to the Prophet. Do you understand me, Heshrem of the garden-decks?

Here, then, is the outermost gate of the garden-vault; mark it well, for I do not expect to see you beyond next we rise to cross the Void. See there, Eural and Tull of Olimpan will be as your magisters within Reante. Bide by them as you would Brother Paress, show them your diligence with all that grows, and they will teach you litanies of the garden and Void-prayer.

Be devout in service of the Prophet, praise to His works, and time will see you a Voidman.

[ Posted by Reason on May 21, 2006 ]