Heart-vaults of the Frozen Arkta Realm
Garden of the Prophet > Source of All Seeds

You of the Arkta realm have proven true to the Faith in your delvings within this ice-buried city of the Unhallowed; the twinned and sealed heart-vaults you have found will be raised and exhorted to the service of the Prophet, great is His name. The prayers of the Chapel Technis will bring the Prophet's Fire to these Holies, and they will serve as do we in the defense of the faithful.

Lord Ense and the Ordained of the Order have proclaimed just reward; this work will meet the worth of your tithe and service for ten years hence. All the Garden will speak well of you, least of the faithful of the chill Arkta realm, and your gift to the Faith. Rejoice, and praise the Prophet for guiding your steps!

Yet listen now, you faithful! We of the Order bring warning as well as the Prophet's blessing. Heed me: delve within the vaults and towers of the Unhallowed and your very souls are at risk! Pity the Unhallowed dead, for they lived before this age of the Prophet; Contagion whispered from the Void and all men turned from rightful ways. The great works of the Unhallowed were thrown down by their own hands, for they tended not to their souls!

My Brothers are vigilant, as must be all the faithful, lest the Garden suffer as did the last of the Unhallowed Age. Contagion still flows in the Void, and its taint echoes yet in Unhallowed vaults - the path of the faithful is to touch not the remains of the past, but to call upon we Brethren to bring the Prophet's Fire to cleanse and hallow. Do not further risk your very souls in these ice-vaults, else Purgen will fall upon you!

[ Posted by Reason on May 27, 2006 ]