Heresy and Forgen
Garden of the Prophet > Beneath the Lesser Suns

Brothers and Voidmen! I will speak well of your souls in times to come, but quiet, quiet in the Prophet's name!

You have heard speak the Oculist Serre, and the Prophet's blessing upon him for his vigilance within the highest Ocula at the cliffside, else we would sorely lack this warning of heresy. Now we know the fate of Brother Teuren and the neonates sent to treat with these savages: Brothers, in the Prophet's name their souls will be reclaimed from the taint of heresy!

Let these faithless char the bodies of the faithful in their foul factora; let these faithless pour forgen from the blood of our companions; let these faithless believe tread and cannon will shield their worthless lives! They practice the heresies of the Fallen Technist, and have set upon the road to Contagion. They will go no futher, this I swear upon all the Holies! Brothers, our lost will have their place in the Chronicles of the Order - but first we will reave all life from the savages below!

Brothers! The armors yearn for battle, and our long-cannon await in the heart-vault. Let us begin the descent from this high landfall, the better to bring the Prophet's vengence upon these heretics!

[ Posted by Reason on May 18, 2006 ]