Least Festival of the Fourth Day of Awe
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This fourth day of Awe, the Least Festival of the Cannon-artisan, praise to the Prophet for His blessings upon men.

Great indeed were the faith and renown of Heen, born of Defys upon the border with the chill and desolate red desert. By his twentieth year, the cannon of his hand were sought by Lords of Olimpan, Heythe and Trel. So too came the Orders of the red realms to Heen's modest factora, for the long-cannon of Defys were without flaw, as though touched by the Prophet.

High Technist Sesepha of the Unresting Order came to Defys thrice, carried upon the Prophet's Fire, to gift Heen with passage to the Cathedral high upon Great Olimpan. Each time this was refused by the humble Heen.

In the last of his years, Heen of Defys turned his craft to form the great-cannon of the fortress Eythe, that which straddles the mighty chasm betwixt red half-desert and river-land. The great-cannon Tebse, Unne and Russere he burnished with his two hands; cannon that have faltered not in their duty, a craft to equal the Chapel Technis of the Desert of Old Holies, far across the Void.

Yet the Black Sickness came then upon Eythe, upon Defys, as upon all the red realms. On cries of Heen's death-watch, Ordained of the Unresting Order came with haste from Great Olimpan. In witness of all, Heen of Defys took the oaths of the Order; so was his soul rightfully commended to the Prophet as Technist Heen.

You artisans of the faithful, be humble as Heen in faith and service of the Prophet this fourth day or Awe.

[ Posted by Reason on May 19, 2006 ]