Lord Darteme's Heretics
Garden of the Prophet > Litany of the Void

The Oculists make ready to depart for the Chapel Technis of the Cathedral, Voidmaster. I will tell their tale from my place at our long table, with your blessing.

What I am to tell took place in the last years of the High Ordained Mesebar, remembrance to his works. By the command of Lord Darteme of the realm, Voidmaster Jarve of the war-barque Tibene took in six of the hundred Heretics condemned by the Anointed Hasem at Nasrith, on the border of the Desert of Old Holies. Hasem spoke of rightful death by blade and cannon before her return to the Cathedral-vaults beneath the ice-cold Kalask realm, but it was Lord Darteme's will that the Faithless should suffer for so long as they would live. The Prophet has said that the Heretic has no greater pain than to see the works of the Faithful prosper in glory, and the Lord chose his defiance so.

The faithful Voidmen were rightfully angered, but Voidmaster Jarve secured the Heretics by chain upon chain, two to each Ocula, there to gaze upon the Void. Scraps and rotted stores they were given, but only as they performed as a Voidman of the Faith. To you seated here, who have seen savage Faithless beneath the far Lesser Suns, I say a Heretic will do naught but hunger unto death if food depends upon performance of the Litanies of the Oculist. Only the faithful may so honor the Prophet, and thereby protect us from the Void. Tibene rose to the Void on the Prophet's Fire, rose to journey guided by the sight of Heresy but once. Thereafter the faithful Voidmen cleansed remains from the Oculia and returned to the treasured Litanies; the Voidmaster Jarve chose his defiance so.

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