Observance on the Thirteenth Day of Char
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On this Thirteenth day of Char, Tithe and Service to be given in remembrance of the Anointed Lord Baris and the Crusade of the Prophet's Arm.

On the Thirteenth day of Char, the war-procession of Lord Baris was blessed by the Ordained to set forth and purge the faithless from the Prophet's Arm of Sunset. Long had knaves and outcasts spawned and climbed ever higher in this greatest of Old Holies, league upon league nigh to the very edge of the Void. Sly heretics were ticks upon the outcast, while roving brigands of sword and cannon troubled the faithful in the shadow of the Arm.

Filled with the surity of Faith, the guard of Lord Baris' realm took up banner, spear and cannon small and great in their crusade. Eight years did Lord Baris empty his coffers in the Prophet's name, and eight years did Lord Baris lead his close-guard in holy battle ever higher through vault, stair, shaft and deck in the Prophet's Arm of Sunset. The fallen were many, their names inscribed still upon the craft of Technists of the Mercyless Order.

On the Thirteenth day of Char, the last heretic was thrown to the thin winds that touch the Void and tear at skin, no more to mock and sully the Faithful from on high. The Lord's pennon of a league of ash-cloth was unfurled from the Deck of Ages; war-barques of the Void Fortress Gerest came to carry Lord Baris and his close-guard from the vault of their victory to the Cathedral City of the Prophet - a great journey undertaken in but a single night athwart the Prophet's Fire.

Before the Prophet and High Ordained, Lord Baris became Anointed, and his close-guard the Mercyless Order. So blessed, these Faithful returned to the Prophet's Arm of Sunset and made their Cathedral of the Vault of the Mountain, above the clouds.

Tithe well to your Order this Thirteenth day of Char, for the Garden of the Prophet must ever be guarded against the faithless and the heretic.

[ Posted by Reason on May 5, 2006 ]