Observance on the Fifth Day of Purgen
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On this Fifth Day of Purgen, the Holy Festival of Observance for the Transfiguration of the Guiltless Order, praise be to the Prophet.

For two and twenty years the Technists of the Guiltless Order recrafted the mighty heart of the towered Void Cathedral Nalathe, exhorting the Prophet's Fire to every great vault and space of the lowest levels. Brothers gave each and one, from neonate to Ordained, the Prophet's hand and seed in those years to swell the Order in honor of the Faith.

Two centuries passed since Nalathe last settled from the Void on pillars of Prophet's Fire, but the High Ordained charged the Order to raise banners at the very fingertips of the Prophet's Arms, there to guard the faithful against Contagion from the Void. Each Order of the Prophet's Garden, far and near, made gift of a holy quintessen-cannon to the Brothers of the Guiltless, the better to carry their quest.

Yet the Fire of the Prophet found Contagion in the hearts of the Order, for only the pure and holy speak with the Prophet's voice and act with the Prophet's hand. On this day, holy Fire came forth from the heart of Nalathe to cleanse the Order and all around who touched Contagion, making valleys of mountains and clouds of rivers. The greatest of Void Cathedrals became a holy rain of boiling forgen and ash, carrying the will of the Prophet to the lands of twenty Lords.

By the grace of the Prophet so was the Guiltless Order forgiven, purified and transfigured. Praise be to the Prophet and honor to the blessed Ordained on this Festival day.

[ Posted by Reason on May 4, 2006 ]