Procession of the Nineteenth Day of Rue
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On this Nineteenth day of Rue, the Cathedral Bell Procession of Brother Besteban.

The last word of the final processional of the Anointed Brother Basteban was set in ink upon this day. That very night, Brother Basteban's soul was commended to the Prophet, may His Garden prosper in the glory of the Faith.

Upon this holy day, Faithful of the Chapel Technis upon the flanks of Great Olimpan exhorted mighty chains and the Prophet's Fire of their heart-vault to raise the bells Desine and Caras to the Cathedral heights, each larger than a road-shrine of the Faith, two full rods in breadth. Five years of craft and prayer had formed these Holies from ventworks of the fallen Void-fortress Humere, dug from the half-desert plains fifty years prior by the guard of Lord Tumen of the Olimpan realm. For five further years had the Brothers of the Chapel Technis illuminated the children of Humere with the tenets of the Faith and prayers to the Prophet, praise His name.

So it is that Humere, that had carried the Prophet's Fire and the Faithful against Void-dancers, that had fallen in the service of the Faith, now calls the Prophet's voice across the realm.

Listen for the Cathedral bells of your Order this Nineteenth day of Rue, and recite from the Last Processional of Anointed Brother Basteban as you journey to attend your prayer.

[ Posted by Reason on May 12, 2006 ]