Raised Above the Blood of Heresy
Garden of the Prophet > Libraria Chroniclis

By order of the High Ordained, who speak with the Prophet's voice, let the Field of Gerbea nurture the Libraria Chroniclis.

Let Technists come from spired Chapels and peasants from the lowest levels to plant metal in broken crete; let the Faithful raise great and burnished vaults while the blood of Heretics and rightful anger of the Pitiless Order still soaks this most ancient Old Holy of the Cathedral City. Let all the Lords of the Prophet's Garden exhort their chroniclers and bring forth histories of the glory of the Faith.

Let the great Libraria to come stand as warning to those who would waver in soul and body; let it warn that Contagion is death, even upon those who pretend to Faith and hide Heresy under sight of the Ordained. By this shall the Faithless know that even their foul souls - and the unquiet resting of their disarrayed remains - shall support the Holies of the Faith, praise be to the Prophet.

[ Posted by Reason on May 7, 2006 ]