Tenth Finger of the Prophet
Garden of the Prophet > Source of All Seeds

Seventeen long years the Technists have shaped the Tenth Finger of the Prophet, and now that great work goes to its place, the sands about the Spire of Wisdom. There will be ten columns of Prophet's Fire to mark the Lune realm in the high summer Festival, praise be to His name.

The peasants who work the lowest Cathedral levels speak when they think there are none to hear. They say the Fingers built in the honor of the Prophet, in defense of the Faith, grind the souls of the desert beneath their treads. They say that which was built in defense of their very souls from Contagion brings the wind howling and sand to clot the Prophet's works! They huddle in their superstitions, and yet the Order sends no Preachers amongst them. Truly, Brothers, I cannot divine the mind of the Ordained.

These deserts of the Old Holies were half formed of bone and broken armor before the Cathedral, were burned to glass before the Order, were scoured by the wind before the Prophet, praise be to His coming. The weight of the mighty Fingers are the lightest caress beside the unhallowed death that passed before the Prophet brought His light to all.

Come, exhort your armor to movement, my Brothers, take up sword and long-cannon! The High Technist charges treads and tracks with the Prophet's Fire, and we will be a voice for the Order beside the third flank wheel of the Tenth Finger, as is right and holy.

[ Posted by Reason on May 3, 2006 ]