Turyth Stands Behind Walls of Forgen
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Brother Hemmen, how fares the Chapel Technis upon Great Olimpan in these past years of holy service? It has been too long since we last stood together, and we of the war-shrine are glad of your presence; much in Turyth lies in need of prayer and diligence by the faithful Technist. The forgen of these fortress walls is old and strong, but forgen protects not against Contagion from the Void or blown on sand-winds from Unhallowed vaults.

Praise be to the Prophet! Preacher Gare will gain no small pleasure to hear you have set and blessed the Prophet's laws in seven of the Outer Spires. He is yet taken to his sickbed with the coughing scourge that afflicts the peasants of the half-desert, and much troubled by his absence. Brother Hura makes the preparations for our evening prayer in his place once more; you will find them well and as you expect.

Your skill and faith have made me late indeed, Brother; in truth I expected you to circle the fortress sunwards. I am charged to guide you by the seal-gates set upon the Least Spire in the years of High Ordained Rusul. We must walk the small-shafts and lesser vaultways through the walls, for there is no other way.

Preacher Gare would have the tale in better words than I, but needs must I speak in his place. May the Prophet guide his return to the duties of the Faith! A siege of Turyth took place when the fortress pledged to Lord Antheba of the Trel realm; a battle of Lords' guard without great-cannon to pierce forgen. A year and a day, the fortress portals stood closed, and years more they might have, but for war-poisons dug from the Unhallowed vaults of the Great Desolation. So it was the walls were brought low by Lord Umbere of the Heythe realm.

I see you recognize the latter portion of the tale, Brother - this is why the Least Spire is sealed yet, and sealed well. None but the leastmost of peasants dwell on the levels beneath and about its walls; the stench of their cess is but warning of where the war-poisons fell.

[ Posted by Reason on May 28, 2006 ]