The Hopeless Healed and Made Whole
Garden of the Prophet > Source of All Seeds

Brothers, armored we are the Prophet's hand! Rise from your long-table, you faithful, for I bring glad tidings for all our Order - another of the Hopeless rises from the Chapel Technis to swell our numbers. Yes, Brothers, the armor Vesi is healed and whole once more, by the grace of the Prophet and the faith of High Technist Redanne! The peasants move Vesi to the Cathedral shafts even now, and soon to our war-shrine.

A day to recall, a day for prayer and festival! Set aside your platters, send word to Preacher Aurent, for we shall honor the Prophet well this day.

Ten Brothers has Vesi carried in the service of the Faith, ten who gave blood and life for the Prophet, praise His name. Ten of the Order we shall remember, ten crypts we shall burnish and hang with pennons - but I recall the last, fifty years and more past though it was, as I stood armored by his side.

Brother Darre of Nomande and Vesi fell in the Purgen of High Andens Hold, pierced and crushed by a great deadfall of severed columns in the mountain vaults. Contagion and its vile tools bring low cunning to the heretic, twisting the heart to cowardice as they turn the soul from the Faith. Peasants of the highest reaches of the Andens thought themselves hidden beyond the Order's sight, the Contagion in their very souls free to speak to the Void and practice the Six Revulsions. We must be ever vigilant in the service of the Prophet!

The heretics were put to the sword and cannon - none lie beyond the Prophet's hand, and we fell upon them in war-barque and burnished armor, Brothers. Their Contagion was yet young, and we called out the glories of the Prophet as we enacted Purgen. So it was ordered by the Ordained, may the Prophet watch over their souls, and so it was done.

Purgen of cannon turned to Purgen of sword and then to a time of Prophet's Fire to char Contagion wherever it could hide. I exhorted the armor Treserre that carries me still to battle, in the name of the Prophet to lift the very vault from its fall - and lo! it was done. I carried forth the fallen from the smoking Hold seal-gates such that their service would be honored. Brothers, I call for a remembrance of Brother Darre, for we stood armored together against Contagion.

[ Posted by Reason on May 13, 2006 ]