The Peasant's Factora
Garden of the Prophet > Primaria Technis

The first years of the neonate will pass within the peasant's factora, for no peasant of the Garden may claim mastery over a Technist of the Holy Order. The lowliest neonate will know the ways of ore, prayer and mighty heat; the lowliest neonate will be dutiful as the Lord's artisans in the pour of white-hot peasant's forgen.

The neonate will make pilgrimage to the mines, for the faithful Technist must show vigilance as a Brother of the Holy Order. Let the neonate exhort the wretched and imprisoned to wrest ore and ancient forgen from soil and broken crete; judge well the faith of the neonate by devotion to the hunger of the factora.

Each neonate will learn crafting of prayer boards from trees of the garden decks; let each neonate be flawless in the lesser litanies. Thereby, these least of the Chapel Technis will bring the Prophet's blessing to blazing forgen within the factora. Peasant's forgen is weak without the prayers of the faithful, just as the savages of the Lesser Suns are weak without the Faith; judge well the faith of the neonate with armor and sword against cast forgen.

Only with the perfection of prayer will the faithful neonate ascend to wield mighty great-hammers and factora-knives to shape forgen within the peasant's factora. Judge the craft of the neonate against the best of the Holy Order, and teach well their improvement, for all are wanting in the eyes of the Prophet.

Judge well the neonate at the peasant's factora, for this Holy is the very portal to the Chapel Technis. For the strength of the Holy Order, for the strength of the Faith, only the most diligent and faithful may pass.

[ Posted by Reason on May 30, 2006 ]