The True Heart of Amathe
Garden of the Prophet > Litany of the Void

You ask more than you know; the Void is an unforgiving companion, even for your Brothers who take the Long Breath and walk through seal-gates naked to the stars. It is true, the Ordained have spoken and we Faithful are bound, but the Prophet must be honored if we are to travel the Void unharmed.

Preacher Heneth, you have gazed upon many Holies of the Garden in your life. The great heart of Amathe beats in the center-vault with the Prophet's Fire, to char the heretic and carry the Faithful across the Void. But come, Preacher, I will show you a Holy of the Void, the hidden heart of Amathe here in the Chapel Oculis.

Lo! Praise be to the Prophet, for this Holy is the Mathema of the Voidmaster Barseman. A craft of the First Order Technis, each of its thousand rods and thousand cogs is a prayer for the Faithful. Together they speak the Litanies of the Void.

Preacher Heneth, understand that even this Holy is not the true heart of Amathe. The Mathema remains hidden and quiet, as it has since Voidmaster Barseman placed it within this Ocula so long ago; it is a guide to our Faith, not the means to our prayers.

It is by the will of the Prophet that we exort Amathe to rise and journey the Void that divides the Garden. It is by performance of the treasured Litanies, given by the Prophet, praise be His name, that we are not brought to destruction - or worse, Contagion of our very souls. The Litanies, spoken well, true and flawlessly from the beating hearts of Voidmen pledged to the Faith: these form the true heart of Amathe, and it is in this way we honor the Prophet.

Preacher Heneth, it is in this way your Brothers will cross the Void, or not at all.

[ Posted by Reason on May 10, 2006 ]