Upon the Fifthmost Great-shrine of Erope
Garden of the Prophet > Beneath the Lesser Suns

May this day of observance find you well Brother Jaren; I see the upper deck suits your temperament, as it does mine. This realm of Erope brings delight anew to climbing the vault-ways and shafts, as you will understand when grey colors your hair. I have wondered what the peasantry of the lowest level of our great Cathedral would think to see the setting of this Lesser Sun over the great waters; to feel the lesser tug of this realm beneath, the thinness of the air. Have you watched the Voidmen leap a full three rods from the war-cog Nesere to the spires of the landfall deck? Truly is the Garden rich with the Prophet's wonders!

It has been a span of many years since last the Faithful came to this Great-shrine; we do the Prophet's work in restoring these vault-works and the Holies within to glory. It is the work of peasants, true, should the Prophet guide us to bring the least of the faithful to Erope, but Rue will soon be over - and then we cross the Void once more. The Void-cathedral Yeuve awaits us beneath the next of the Lesser Suns, and we will stand beside Ordained and Preacher to bring the words of the Prophet to the savage faithless of the Ganamed realm. Sword, long-cannon and armor will not remain idle long upon Nesere, this much I know!

Voidmaster Mafeal will bring us the fruit of the Prophet's litanies on the morrow; his Voidmen rightfully abide by this day of prayer, just as we. I know that it troubles the Brethren to be yet waiting upon the direction of the Desert of Old Holies and Cathedral City across the Void, but in this way do we honor the Prophet. Find the way in the Prophet's seed clenched within your chest, Brother Jaren, and He will hear your evening-prayer.

[ Posted by Reason on May 20, 2006 ]