Void-lance of the Neonate Hebsebar
Garden of the Prophet > Primaria Technis

The Cradle of the Hopeless in the factora of the faithful Technist is clear upon the last watch-litany. It is lit by slow-candle of inscribed tachen wax, there to lay the Hopeless for the neonate blessed by the Prophet. For a half-watch of candle flame, the faithful Technist may close his eyes to the Four Duties of the Tutor, and in this way is the beating heart-vault of the Chapel Technis opened to the will of the Prophet.

In the age of the First Order, the neonate Hebsebar was sent a vision of the Prophet and in his sleep passed vault, seal and Brothers of the Order to the holy factora of High Technist Mareb. There lay the Void-lance Horesen, most Hopeless of all Hopeless within the armored Chapel Technis of the First Order Cathedral, charred deep and through in battle against foul Void-dancers. Yet Hebsebar laid his hands upon Horesen, and lo, the Void-lance was healed and whole once more.

Such was the first miracle performed by the Anointed Hebsebar. The Void-lance Horesen has never faltered, not even when charred once more from the armor of Brothers in Void-battle. This is the will of the Prophet, and may the faithful Technist aspire to craft and burnish so blessed of Holies.

[ Posted by Reason on May 6, 2006 ]