Black Lord Umbere's End
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With the first sand-wind storms of the twentieth year of the High Ordained Rusul, Lord Umbere - whom peasants called Umbere the Black for his foul deeds - was cast from the Faith by the Anointed Cerre. That great and holy Hand of the Prophet took armor and close-guard to the fortresses of Great Olimpan, there to plunge sword and the pennons of Anathemen to the hilt in the forgen portal of the High Cathedral.

Faithful Lords of the red realms were come to great fear in their duty, for the close-guard of Umbere the Black cast war-poisons of the Unhallowed upon his enemies. Yet worse, artisans of the Heythe realm had turned craft to two fearsome cannon-works of mighty treads and wheels, of size to match the holy war-cog Espheban that once brought the Prophet to Great Olimpan.

While Lords and their guard trembled, those true to the Faith came forth from Cathedral, war-shrine and fortress to kneel before the armor of the Anointed Cerre. While sand-winds howled from the Great Desolation to burnish forgen and the souls of the faithful, Brethren of the Unresting Order swore to follow the Anointed as their Ordained until the Prophet's will was done.

With war-cog Tasaphe and great-cannon of the Chapel Technis, with the armor of the Anoited Cerre at their head, the Unresting Order brought the blood and fury of war upon the guard of Umbere the Black. Many were the faithful who fell in enactment of Anathemen, many were the armors pierced by cannon, the Holies despoiled. Yet these most virtuous Brethren ever prevailed, scattering their enemies in disarray, charring fortresses of the Heythe realm with the Prophet's Fire of Tasaphe's vent-works.

Soon, magisters of the realm came to plead with pennons lowered before the Anointed Cerre, who judged each by his actions. All loyal to Umbere the Black hung from cages of peasant's forgen upon high fortress spires, there to suffer sand-winds from the half-desert.

Yet Black Lord Umbere and his most loyal close-guard fled their rightful end in the burning war-poisons of forgen-walled Heythe. The Voidmasters of the ancient war-barques Mefeb and Ulsehab of the Lords of the Heythe realm did not heed the duties of the Faith; across the near Void to Foros they fled, to that lesser fortress-realm of the Unhallowed. The Prophet's Fire of Mefeb and Ulsehab burned bright to the Anointed Cerre and Unresting Brothers, and soon the most faithful of their number followed into the Void within Tasaphe.

Umbere the Black had found Unhallowed seal-gates yet closed from the Void, and worked mightily to gain shelter - but the Hand of the Prophet was turned against him. Voidmen of the Ocular shrine within Tasaphe discovered the errant war-barques where they hid within forgen and Void-touched rock. Unresting Brothers took the Long Breath to leap into the Void, falling upon Umbere the Black and his close-guard with sword and fist of armor. So was Anathemen complete, and did Black Lord Umbere and all loyal to his foulness meet their end, the Prophet be praised.

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