Cannon of the Fifth Essence
Garden of the Prophet > Primaria Technis

Only the greatest amongst the faithful of the Chapel Technis are given by the Prophet to craft holy long-cannon of the fifth essence. Only the most holy of Technists is so blessed by the quintessen of heart-vault and rage of the Prophet's Fire. By the tradition of the Anointed Hebsebar of the First Order, this shall be the trial of faith by which one High Technist is known from the many dutiful who bear the Prophet's seed.

Let not the neonate draw and wind coils of greater forgen from the Garden; let not the neonate bespeak the cannon-prayer upon this work; let not the neonate charge cannon-rails with quintessence of the heart-vault; let not the neonate weave pennons of the litanies. Such are the duties of the Technist of long years and greatest faith in the eyes of the Prophet.

In his life of years, the Anointed Hebsebar worked the Prophet's will to craft five quintessen-cannon of armor and the great-cannon Selen. After these centuries of the Prophet's service, Selen of the fifth essence is yet a steadfast protector of the faithful within the mighty vault-works of the Void-fortress Gereth. Let the constant Technist aspire to such perfection in the name of the Prophet, for the Chapel Technis must be the unblemished shield of the holy Order.

[ Posted by Reason on June 18, 2006 ]