Deep Ruska, a Century From the Faith
Garden of the Prophet > Source of All Seeds

It is the Prophet's will we came here, Brother. The Voidmaster's record might have lain a century more within the vent-works of ancient Heness, but for the careless tread of neonates. All who might recall amongst the Voidmen are long gone to the Prophet's arms, for few have the Prophet's seed and the life of years. The Ordained Renne would have known, the Prophet rest his soul, for he rose upon the Prophet's Fire with the Voidmen to every village and fortress of strong forgen in the realm.

Look you there and there - Preacher Etene gathers the peasants from hiding, and the good Voidmaster laughs yet. Poor-clothed and fearful they are; Heness has scared them mightily indeed by charring the rock and earth to black and steam in laying to rest. This, the Preacher will forgive, but it will be better for these least of the faithful should they recall their duties; to have stored tithe and stand in readiness to give service in the Prophet's name. So long lost from the hands of the Prophet, I fear they will be in great need of guidance and instruction for many summers.

There are yet strange towers of the Unhallowed high upon the nearest mountain, but no Lord of Ruska nor close-guard to place seals against the curious - not since the years of the High Ordained Geheseb, when Void-dancers hurled fire from the Void upon the realms. The Prophet alone knows how many souls dwell yet in the forests and amidst the char, but shall we forsake them for our ignorance? Look down below, Brother - this village, these woods, the mountains: all are as much the care of the Order as Alb and Messen in the shadow of the Cathedral. Praise to the Prophet for calling us hence to our duty after so many years!

[ Posted by Reason on June 7, 2006 ]