Feast of the First Day of Censen
Garden of the Prophet > Calend of the Faithful

Upon this first day of Censen, bring forth your second-tithe and the meat of fine sheth for the Feast of Counting, with praise to the Prophet and His holy Orders for their defense of the Faithful.

Upon each fiftieth Censen, Anointed of the Faith journey the realms of the Garden to take count of the Faithful, that holy Brethren may do the Prophet's will. Dutiful Lords of realm, magisters of fortress and elders of village bow one and all, rightfully before the Anointed. The year-counts of realm, fortress and village are rendered unto to the Cathedrals, there to swell most fruitfully the holy records of the Faith. Give thanks to the Prophet this feast-day that His seed lives within the protectors of the Faith, who count each of the faithful as though their own child.

The thirdmost Great Censen of the years of High Ordained Dalseban was fifteen years in journey and illumination by holy Brethren of the Cathedral City. Its year-counts were cast in forgen sheets a rod in height, bound in mighty chains and set within the spired Great-vault of Seven Portals that the Faithful will ever know their strength. For the Anointed numbered the Faithful of the Garden to be ten million, praise be to the Prophet!

This first day of Censen, kneel in duty before Lord, magister and elder for the year-count. Feast well, you Faithful, and pray with zeal for the protection of your souls.

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