Festival of the Eleventh Day of Toil
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On this Eleventh day of Toil, the Festival of the Prophet's Pilgrimage of the High Ordained, praise to the Prophet in His defense of the Garden.

Upon this eleventh day of Toil did the mighty war-procession of the Prophet smite the heretics of the Lune realm, to send all to death and scatter faithless names and works to the Void. The thin-forests and tall grasses were burned to char, fortresses smashed to smoking, broken crete. So was the threat of heresy and the voice of Contagion driven from the Prophet's realms.

Upon this eleventh day of Toil, the High Ordained Ferele, blessings be upon her soul, gave sign that great statues of the Faith, a league in height, were to be raised upon the desolate Lune realm. Voidmasters of the realms brought three times a hundred Technists, artisans and four thousand of the faithful across the Void to build as the High Ordained spoke, where once heretics consorted and plotted against the Faith. The faithful labored long years into the time of the High Ordained Hase, and thence the High Ordained Dalseban, but so it had been spoken, and so it came to be.

Upon this eleventh day of Toil, the High Ordained of the Prophet's realms makes holy pilgrimage from the Cathedral City across the Void, to pray at the Great-shrine of Statues for the Prophet's guidance in the defense of the Faith. Praise be to the Prophet, for His hands shield the faithful!

Be most fervent and true in your devotions this festival day, for the greatest of the Faith journeys the Void to pray for all in the Garden.

[ Posted by Reason on June 1, 2006 ]