Garden of the Hallowed
Garden of the Prophet > Primaria Technis

Pray, you Technists! Guard the Garden of the Hallowed with your perfect chantries. Carve forgen with the oldest litanies and set walls of prayer strong and thick about these gifts of the Prophet's wisdom. A beating heart beats in vain without a soul, and the Hallowed are once and always the soul of the Chapel Technis.

Before the the years of the First Order, upon the charred realms of war and heresy, those few of the Faith amongst the artisans of old knelt before the war-processions of the Prophet. With great despair these faithful beseeched the Prophet to draw the line of His long-cannon across the realms, to divide Hallowed from Unhallowed. Lo! And the Prophet placed a great seal about the souls of men, that those who accept His seed will know Hallowed from Unhallowed and thus be shielded from Contagion.

In the years of the First Order, faithful artisans crafted alchema and factora amidst the char and sand of the Desert of Old Holies. The First Technists raised up the great Chapel Technis of the Cathedral City, guided by the wisdom of the Prophet. Within beat two heart-vaults of Prophet's Fire, and between these holies the Garden of the Hallowed. Upon forgen cast by the Anointed Hebsebar for soil and watered by litanies of the faithful, the First Garden grew Hallowed blue-forgen to be charged mightily with quintessen of the heart-vaults.

Thusly was the rightful path of the Technist shown by those who knelt before the Prophet. So did the first of the faithful tame the fifth essence to exhort armor, war-barque and mighty factora, praise be to the Prophet's guidance. Guard the Hallowed of the Chapel Technis with your prayers, you faithful!

[ Posted by Reason on June 19, 2006 ]