Heed Not the Whispers of the Heart
Garden of the Prophet > Source of All Seeds

A part within all of the Faith cries out to Contagion - even within those most holy: my Brothers of the Hateless Order, who bear the Prophet's seed and live the life of years. Lo! For are we not descended from the Unhallowed who fell for their faithless ways? Do we not yet pay penance for their heresy? It is the Test of the Prophet that we heed not the whispers of the heart of our forefathers, for such would lead us into Contagion and the very destruction of our souls.

The Prophet has lit our way by the holy light of His Fire, but even the least of the faithful, even the peasant of the lowest levels, must stand firm and walk upon his own two legs. Would you be as one who fell beside the way, with char in place of soul? Or you, would you be as the hollow-hearted Unhallowed, who tore down all they cherished in flame and horror? Would you fall into Contagion, and be destroyed by the hand of the Prophet? No!

The beasts of field and garden-deck follow the heart, for they have not the soul nor understanding of the Prophet's words. You are not beasts with the appearance of men, as the savages beneath the far Lesser Suns! No, lest you stray from the path of the faithful. It is the heart that whispers a want to see farther than your father's eye; to call to loved ones gone to prayer, farther than your mother's voice; to recall more than your own memories; to stray into the forests and char where only Unhallowed towers stand. Harken not to your heart!

Like offal upon the water, Contagion is within the Void betwixt realms of our great Garden. Like spoil thrown beneath the lowest forgen deck, Contagion is beneath the works of the Unhallowed yet. The whispers of your heart are the stench of rot, a warning! There are thorns in the Garden that would pierce and poison your very soul, but the words of the Prophet guide and protect the faithful!

Abide by the Faith and follow most dutifully the discipline of we Hateless Brethren! Look you to the Lord of the Rur realm and Magister Albret of Witan in matters of the flesh - but all flesh passes; this I have seen, and this you know. You must look to the Preacher, to my Brothers, to the Ordained of the Cathedral of Fraberg for the protection of your soul.

[ Posted by Reason on June 11, 2006 ]