Peniten of the Alchema Center-vault
Garden of the Prophet > Primaria Technis

The alchema is as a vault-column for the factora of the devoted Technist. The Faithful of the Chapel Technis bow toward the Prophet's wisdom within the center-vault, for such is ordained. The litanies of the factora draw greatly upon these riches, and we are blessed by the Prophet for our devotion to His word.

Hold forth and treasure the litanies of the Chapel Technis! It is the Prophet's will that the faithful Technist know each essence of the realm that He shall call upon to serve in His name. In their rightful combination and by most virtuous prayer shall the faithful of the alchema support the vault-works of the factora.

Yet too, the pennoned and rightfully inscribed center-vault of the alchema shall watch over the souls of the Chapel. Let there be but one amongst the faithful who is tempted towards the heresies of the Fallen Technist - seal-gates and vats of of the alchema will pour forth great poisons and a flood of strong-water. All shall choke and burn until Peniten is performed by the dutiful of the Chapel, and those who turned toward Contagion are clensed.

Thus shall the alchema center-vault be the most holy hand of the Prophet upon those who bear His seed; let the faithful Technist and neonate of the alchema be most honored in their charge.

[ Posted by Reason on June 17, 2006 ]