Far Pilgrimage of the Rageless Order
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Upon his commencement, the High Ordained Besephen proclaimed the Garden of the Prophet to encompass all the stars themselves. The Rageless Order - of the thousand-league Mereken realm betwixt the Prophet's Arms of Sunrise and Sunset - stood forth in rightful faith to claim the brightest star Sekti for a Cathedral to honor the Prophet. Ordained Brother Debeham was carried across the oceans upon the Prophet's Fire to call for pilgrimage before the assembled Faithful of the Prophet's Cathedral City.

Voidmasters warned of a great and unknown journey across the Void and into Contagion, farther than the Crusades of the Lesser Suns, farther even than those few explorations of the darkest Void recorded in the Libraria Chroniclis. Preachers of the Order journeyed to exhort all from Lords of the Prophet's realms to peasants of the lowest Cathedral levels, but the Rageless Ordained heeded the Voidmasters - and planned long and well.

The Void hides much, even that near-Void touched by the great Arms of the Prophet, that divides the Lune realm from the Prophet's realms. Voidmen talk low of least-realms of darkened crete; of ancient Unhallowed Void-towers that yet shine like stars to entice the Faithful from the Prophet's words. The greatest of Void-towers was long called the Anathemen-realm; peasants of field and garden deck averted their eyes and prayed for their souls should they see it's procession in the dark sky.

In the twelfth year of the High Ordained Besephen, the Rageless Order stood ready to hallow the Anathemen-star in the name of the Prophet. With great prayer and zeal, Technists of the Order had toiled upon the vent-works and charred vault-ways of the Void-cathedral Yeuve those long years. That holy of the Faith had faltered in service to the Prophet's war-procession, pierced and sundered, and lain thereafter in the great glass char-desert of the Mereken realm. Upon the twelfth year of toil, High Technist Fareph exhorted mightily the Hopeless heart-vault, whereupon the Prophet reached down His hand to return life to Yeuve.

The Rageless Ordained rejoiced in the miracle of Yeuve's heart-vault and the Prophet's blessing upon their crusade; word was carried forth to war-shrines and journeying Preachers - there was great prayer across the Mereken realm. The most zealous of Voidmasters exhorted Oculists to the chantry of treasured litanies; faithful Technists the souls of the Brethren with war-prayer and burnished forgen of the Chapel factora; Rageless Brethren gathered in their holy armors to call blessings of the Prophet upon the Order.

To the near-Void upon mighty columns of Prophet's Fire rose Yeuve, Rageless Brethren led in procession by the bright-pennoned war-barques Irkoi and Temphese. To the Anathemen-realm they went, guided true by chantry of the Ocular shrine. Thence from great seal-gates of many-spired Yeuve, twice a hundred Brothers leapt across Void-touched forgen to lay the Prophet's banners upon the Unhallowed tower. So was the Anathemen-realm Hallowed by the Rageless Faithful; Ordained Brother Debeham blessed the Void-tower with the name Shekagen, after the ancient fortress-vaults of the inland seas of the Mereken realm.

Great was the toil of the Faithful upon the vault-work leagues of Shekegen, within which even the garden-vault came to stand broader than any fortress of the Garden of the Prophet. The Cathedral of the Rageless Order was made again within circle-vaults of great expanse, and the Chapel Technis within the mighty heart-vaults. Even peasants and artisans of the Mereken realm were carried away from the tug of the Prophet's realms to tend the vault-ways in service to the Prophet.

Upon the fourty-fifth year of the High Ordained Besephen, great Shekagen lit all the sky of the realms with Prophet's Fire of vent-work and heart-vault. Mighty spires trailed great forgen-link pennons of twenty leagues, cut with Void-litanies and the Prophet's word: so did the Rageless Order and their faithful of the Mereken realm begin the great pilgrimage to the brightest star Sekti.

Praise be to the Prophet that His chosen, who bear His seed in their flesh and the defense of the Faith in their souls, yet carry His word to the farthest Void.

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