Great-tower of the Empty Realms
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Far from here stands a great-tower of the Unhallowed that has stood through the Prophet's anger and ages of Faith; high and higher it stands to touch the very Void beyond the sky. This I have heard Brother Madene speak to his Brethren when I brought fare to their long-table.

Yes, good Verlan, bring forth our fare now that the Brothers feast. Praise to the Prophet upon this holy day!

This also the Brothers spoke: that Oculists mark the great-tower with their holy litanies, whence the Prophet's Fire carries war-cogs from the Void to the endless, empty seas of the Pasafek realms. The Ordained of the Mountain Vault set pennons upon the cloud-deck of their high Cathedral, whence they see the great-tower cut a line across the sunset.

Were there Void-whispers and Contagion upon the empty realms, there would be a crusade of the Order! No, tall and empty that Unhallowed tower stands, and the better for we faithful that a wide sea flows between. Shun the ancient vaults and ways in honest faith ... but let us speak no more of the works of the Unhallowed. May the Prophet watch over our souls, as well as those who came before.

We shall bring life to our pilgrimage anon. Whilst the faith of these Brethren can guide our steps, we are wise to plan well the leagues to the Mercyless Cathedral and the Prophet's Arm. Come; bring forth that which we have long spoken of and let us make a holy work of it!

[ Posted by Reason on July 22, 2006 ]