Leli, the Fifteenth Note
Ten Thousand Gates > Conversing in the Doorway of the First Coin

Spinning, falling rain, and notes, oh the notes it has! Why such bitter music in your voices and all around when the water dances? See, see how it leaps and spins about the road and upon the roofs, and stepping here and running there - it makes me dizzy with the turning!

Dance, dance! Dance with rain and wind and oh! How I wish I could sing all these notes!

Can't you see the sad heart of it? Angry notes and bitter notes ... but oh, the colors, it is much more than black and brown and black, and spilling all and about. It is the note of Umery who sings so low above the old city, low and always with the sternest notes. Umery who never dances, no, but here is Umery in the music of the rain and upon us all!

Welcome Umery, I hear you! I hear your voice in the Song! La!

Come out, come out! Dance! Why are you all so hidden, why so turned away, why wrapped against the notes and this wonderful rain of colors?

[ Posted by Reason on July 30, 2006 ]