Litany Beads of the Voidmaster Yuvesah
Garden of the Prophet > Litany of the Void

Heshrem, look not to yonder seal-gate! Attend to the vault-works as I, and as I have taught you; it is a holy of the Oculists and not for we lesser Voidmen.

We should not speak of such, but quietly. Ask not again, and I will recall a debt for it in the garden-vault! It is the Sealed Ocula of the Voidmaster Yuvesah, within which are his litany beads of old. The Void is within the Ocula beyond the seal-gate, and the Void-touched beads are a prayer greater than yours or mine. Look not towards the seal-gate pennons, lest you call Contagion upon us all!

The Oculist Tefera has given to the Prophet's service within Reante these thirty years; I have seen her chantry and clicking of beads upon the marker-deck. As will you, should you do the Prophet's will and rouse not the Voidmaster's ire. The good Oculist is the blessed of the Prophet, for His hands and His Fire hold us safe from Contagion whilst she prays within the Ocular Chapel.

Voidmaster Yuvesah of the Afrik realm set down his beads when first he stood within these vault-ways, long ago; the Prophet spoke with his voice, and the treasured litanies were perfect through and through his life of years. Since the High Ordained Mesebar, so has the Ocula been sealed. It will be sealed yet, until another holy Oculist is blessed to speak the litanies with the Prophet's voice.

The Brothers are in the shaft from the heart-vault once more - listen to their forgen-thunder through the portals! Look to the vault-works, and bow your head, by the Prophet's name!

[ Posted by Reason on July 16, 2006 ]